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Gurmeet is an accomplished Digital Transformation Leader and has successfully led, what he calls “Full Stack” transformation, in various companies. He has established and led various key transformation functions across Digital product management, Technology, User Experience, Data Science and Digital marketing.

Gurmeet Singh, Senior Vice President, Chief Digital Officer, and Chief Information Officer of 7-Eleven

7-Eleven’s multi-year journey to become a digitally-enabled organization, together with Gurmeet’s “full stack transformation” approach that encompasses consumer-facing technology, back-end technology, infrastructure, and therefore the structure stack however digital may be a strategic pillar at 7-Eleven, mandated directly by the corporate executive The essential importance of technical talent to 7-Eleven’s future, and Gurmeet’s strategy for attracting prime talent - resembling highlight his believability as a frontrunner and telling a compelling story The ways that within which Gurmeet is redefining convenience with package, resembling the popularity that the nearest store to a client is that the phone in their pocket, and 7-Eleven’s use of arthropod genus and new interfaces to form pleasant experiences The growth of 7-Eleven’s loyalty program from its initial specialize in beverages to as a full-fledged loyalty providing that's on the market on mobile, web, digital loyalty card, and even chatbot 7-Eleven’s approach to experimenting with rising technologies, together with their distinction between technologies that ar able to scale and technologies that ar still within the proof of construct part, a replacement R&D center, and a CTO operate that reports to Gurmeet

How 7-Eleven is Redefining Convenience for the Digital Age

“I suppose the corporate has maintained its essence,” aforementioned Gurmeet Singh, 7-Eleven’s chief digital officer and chief data officer. “The secret's to ceaselessly be staring at that, initiate for the client, and appearance in any respect the trends in terms of however things ar shaping up within the trade and therefore the intersection of technology.”

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Gurmeet Singh 7-Eleven

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Gurmeet Singh 7-Eleven

Gurmeet Singh 7 Eleven Microsoft Surface

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